Welcome to Bias Delta Pratama

Bias Delta Pratama ( Bias Mandiri Group) is the premier owner of Anchorage & Lay-up area in Batam Island- Indonesia.

We would like to offer you our services for the lay-up to your esteemed vessels as our company is always being in contact with the greatest ship owners in the area and We will be honored to get any contact or agreement with yours.

First of all, Our company is the only layup/anchorage area in Batam which complies with the ISPS code standards, So I believe that it will be a good advantage to keep your vessel secured and well maintained under our reign.

We offer Hot and Cold Anchorage/ Lay-up services for your ships that are awaiting orders, we also offer a number of other Marine related services Such as Pilotage, Ship Bunkering, Crew Lay-ups and Management, Underwater Works Cleaning ( Hull , propeller etc.) and other Marine Services.

For the cold lay-up of the vessel we may also provide ; generators, de-humidifiers, blanking of the sea chests, watchmen, routine underwater inspection and preservation. For the hot lay-up of the vessel, there are no regulation for minimum crew as long as the vessel is manned or with watchmen instead.

in the site you will find the location of our shore base and Anchorage area as well as our Company Profile for your further information and should you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us through this e-mail and phone numbers or WhatsApp as stated below.

For your further information, our esteemed clientele for the lay-up services includes, BW Offshore, Rubicon offshore, Solstad, Farstad, Global Radiance, Pacific Radiance, Eastern Pacific, Bumi Armada, K-Line and Benline .