Layup Services

Due to the recent down turn in the global economy there is an over-supply of commercial ships on the market that is driving single voyage and charter rates down to the point where it is not cost effective for an Owner to operate. As such Owners are looking for places to anchor their vessels where simple layup procedures can be implemented to preserve the condition of their vessels until the economy picks up again.

The objective is to offer Owners a secure and alternative location to Singapore OPL Western and Eastern Anchorage, away from the major shipping lanes, but still be within close proximity to offer the excellent support and network from Shipyards and Contractors that exist in the region.

BDP caters to all types of vessels including oil tankers, LNG carriers (both Moss and membrane type ships), drill ships, cable ships, container ships and (floating production, storage and offshore loading structures). We are able to tailor the lay-up to suit owner and vessel requirements, so ensuring vessels are returned in optimum condition.

Scope of Services
In accordance with recommendations by major classification societies and flag states, preparation for lay up should preferably be carried out with the vessel’s crew as they are the ones who know their ship best. BGPL can however assist the whole work from arrival to the lay-up location.
Once the vessel is ready, Bias Delta Pratama will assist owner with and/or coordinate the following services – and more – through local providers.
• A wide choice of vessel lay-up solutions, with thorough local knowledge.
• Support with documentation to obtain permits from local authorities.
• Safety and security advice.
• Advice on the lay-up process including supply of procedures and checklists
• Technical Management.
• Routine maintenance and preservation.
• Provision of machinery such as heaters, dehumidifiers and other equipment.
• Regular monitoring of the vessel mooring and safe berth.
• Round the clock security.
• Comprehensive monthly reports to owners.
• Crew management/crew supply.
• Ship supply services.
• Any other agency or logistics services as requested by the owner.
• Assistance with efficient start-up after the lay-up period.

Technical Management
Laying-up a ship is designed to:
• Preserve and maintain the vessel structure and machinery by protecting against corrosion and static seizure.
• Maintain the security, safety and protection of the vessel, crew and environment.
The extent to which a vessel will be laid-up depends on several factors, including: anticipated lay-up period duration; the need to reduce running costs; time required for reactivation’ and the age and value of the ship.

Lay Up Options
Bias Delta Pratama offers four different modes of lay-up:
• Hot Term Lay-Up, Up to 3 months (H)
• Warm Term Lay-Up, Up to 12 months (W)
• Cold Term Lay-Up, Up to 5 years (C)
• Long Term Lay-Up, term 5 plus years (L)

HOT Lay Up: Suitable for up to 3 months out of service with 24 hour reactivation.
In this condition, the vessel is held within Classification and Flag State requirements, although crew numbers may be reduced to certified minimum safety manning limits. Machinery is kept operational but economies are made. The vessel is located in an area close to potential cargo trade routes.

Warm Lay Up: Suitable for up to 12 months out of service with one week reactivation.
In this condition, vessel manning is reduced to below the trading limit and in agreement with the flag state, classification society, insurers and local authorities. Most ports will only grant a temporary permit to lay-up a vessel in this condition in port, provided that class and flag survey are conducted. There may be local restrictions on vessel operations such as restrictions the transfer of oily bilge water.

Cold Lay Up: Suitable for up to five years out of service with three week reactivation.
In this condition, vessel manning is in line with emergency requirements to deal with fire, flooding, mooring, and security watch. Upon reactivation, the vessel may need to go direct to dry dock before trading, depending on the extent of any hull marine growth. It is imperative that all preparations and processes during cold lay-up are well documented as crew changes may be significant.

Long Term Lay Up: Suitable for up to more than five years out of service with three-month activation.
In this extended condition, preparations are comprehensive as original manufacturers are consulted for critical equipment, any remedial work done on reactivation is likely to be extensive and unpredictable, such as renewal of alarm systems that may have become obsolete. For long term lay ups, several vessels may be laid-up side by side to minimize supervision costs.

Bias Delta Pratama is aware of all these potential problems involved in lay-ups and has the experience, technical expertise and resources to avoid the pitfalls.
For full technical details please request for our services guidelines or mail to:
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