Pilotage Facilities

Our shore base is equipped with modern office facility, jetty, communication tower, internet, and 24hours/7days security services. Bias Delta Pratama Lay-Up Anchorage shore base in Galang has control room which operates by certified Radio Officer to control and watch your good vessel 24hours/7 days.
Our control room equipped with:

  1. AIS
  2. Furuno Radar
  3. 24 hours CCTV



Bias Delta Pratama owned 13 boats consist of crew boat, cargo boat, security boat and diving boat. All of our boats are well maintained and manned by professional and certified staff.



In service anchorage area, we have 4 two bedroom accommodation, 5 one bedroom accommodations and a barrack accommodation that have its own kitchen, washroom and cozy bed.



Safety & Security

Our shore base is fully guarded by professional security for 24/7 and Armed Navy Security with boat for our service anchorage area to ensure you and your good vessel secure and safe.